Starting breastfeeding is learning. Breastfeeding is not always self-sufficient, but with the help of proper guidance, support and training, it is natural for almost everyone.

For a good start to breastfeeding, breastfeed your baby at least eight times a day. This way, after the first few weeks, the amount of milk starts to meet the baby’s need. Breastfeeding is subject to the law of supply and demand. That is, the more often the baby is breastfed, the more milk is excreted. When the baby gets enough milk, the diaper gets wet frequently. From time to time there are days when the baby seems to be around all the time. With frequent breastfeeding, your baby will raise milk – soon enough milk will be available again!

The baby sucks the breast most often in the evening. When the baby is 4-6 weeks old, she may be restless alongside in the evenings. This is because the baby’s activity has increased and there have been changes in the rate at which milk is milked. It is good to remember that the mother’s well-being and mood influence her milk production. For this reason, it is good to calm the breastfeeding moment.
Try different breastfeeding positions, try to find one where you both have a good time and where your baby gets a good grip on your breast. Book everything you need for your neighborhood, water glass / bottle for yourself (you need a lot of water), gauze for wiping milk, a silent cellphone, yummy or whatever else you think you need. This way you do not have to interrupt breastfeeding.

Particularly in the early stages, breastfeeding is facilitated by skin contact: the warmth and scent of your skin activate your baby to suck and the proximity of the baby makes it easier for you to milk. You can very well remove your baby’s diaper and take it on your lap or next to you, skin to skin, under a shirt or under a blanket. Allow your baby to find a good eating position and the right moment to grab hold of your baby. When your baby opens his mouth, you can help by pulling him towards your chest. To support your baby’s position, hold your hand on your baby’s back. Practicing and experimenting will gradually make you a master, though it may seem difficult to get started. If breastfeeding does not seem to be successful, the reason may be a sucking strike.

Breastfeeding binds the mother and baby together, but otherwise you can take care of the baby as parents. Alternating in baby care is important so you can both rest and get to know your baby. The baby soon gets used to the fact that you both care for him in your own way. The father can also put the baby in contact with the skin or beside the skin, it feels comfortable and soothes the baby.

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