Newborn hospitalization

The newborn is always checked by a pediatrician before returning home. Depending on the baby’s and mother’s condition, the repatriation is done individually.

On average, first-time mothers return home 2-3 days after delivery and resuscitators 1-2 days after delivery. Caesarean section mothers typically return home a little later. If repatriation occurs less than 24 hours after delivery, a follow-up visit to the baby will be arranged.

If the baby is 24 to 36 hours old at home, a visit to the nurse’s office is arranged. These visits take place at the maternity hospital. However, it is a good idea to contact the clinic well in advance of your appointment to arrange your first visit to the clinic.

The first days after childbirth are an interesting time. Every day is different and baby’s behavior changes all the time. Very soon, however, the baby’s own character and ways of reacting will begin to appear. By keeping your baby close to you and caring for him from the start, you will get to know him faster and find the perfect way for your baby to care for him.

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