Growing older

Parenting begins to build up gradually during pregnancy. Although the pregnancy is not immediately apparent, it is often the beginning of an emotional storm for the expectant mother. From the beginning of pregnancy, baby needs put pressure on them to change their lifestyle to be baby friendly. Diet, exercise, medicines, stimulants, travel and work all have a new dimension. Ideally, the upcoming spouse will begin to shape his or her lifestyle at this stage. Often couples wonder what kind of parents we become and what the birth of a child changes in a relationship. My own imagination or desire for a good parent can be perfectionist and thus frightening. There is a new dimension to the relationship, as well as being a woman and a family. Expecting a baby can also trigger a crisis in a relationship, especially if the pregnancy has come as a surprise, without planning. Potential siblings also deal with the upcoming change in their own way. Although children are usually happy to hear about a new future sibling, feelings of jealousy and outwardness are also a concern. Siblings’ relationship with the baby can be enhanced by encouraging them to chat or even sing with the baby.

As pregnancy progresses, the images and thoughts of the future child become active. Interaction with the baby begins during pregnancy. Parents learn the baby’s circadian rhythm and notice the sounds the baby responds to. During the last trimester of pregnancy, the woman prepares to give birth and face the baby. The mother’s mind becomes sensitive to listening to baby messages from the womb. Thoughts are increasingly focused on the postpartum period. Prospective parents will often feel anxious and uncertain about what kind of parent they will be, how they are able and able. Parents prepare a home for a new family member while making room for the newcomer. The baby begins to feel more and more real.

When a child is born, the real child begins to get to know who and what the new family member is. Children are different and express themselves in their own way. Even the newborn expresses his / her moods, anger and pleasure. At first, interaction is about wondering with your baby and finding a common rhythm. The baby learns to show his feelings and the parent learns to understand and respond to them. Parenting grows with the child.

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